Political Overload

I have been outraged by politicians and the political machine in the past. I have argued, shared posts, called various political figures and expressed my views (mostly in writing). I am not a political novice. In fact, one of my majors was political science. However, I’ve never experienced the absolute overload that I have had since this administration came into power. I find myself leaping from cause to cause with equal amounts of upset.

I need to slow down so I don’t burn out and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. Somehow, I have to find the balance that allows me to continue. Sometimes I envy the “single issue” people who can filter out the rest of the world. I have tried to limit myself to a few issues, but something new hits and I find myself riding the waves of outrage. It’s a vicious cycle.

I’ve decided that slowing down can’t involve whittling down the causes to make them more manageable. Part of the underlying problem is that there are certain factions out there who want to fracture our attention by flooding the streets with different levels of awful so that we lose track of the base issues. They want us to remain so fractured that we fail to move forward and, thus, allow the status quo to remain in power. Instead of downsizing, I need to right size. There are times where I will have to force myself to slow down or calm down in order to keep myself from falling victim to apathy and the “nothing will change” attitude that permeates the non-voting masses. Slowing down does not mean giving up. It means that I can hold tight to my goals and push forward (even if it is inch by agonizing inch).

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