Just Another Shooting

When is it enough? Along with thoughts and prayers, we have people who repeat the tired old argument that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” They might be surprised to know that I agree with them… but only to a point.

People have been killing each other for various reasons throughout time and unless there is a radical change in human society, people will continue to kill. Here is the problem as I see it. We are making it too easy. We have created weapons with the ability to rapidly take out large groups of people and, in many cases, the killers do not even have to look their victims in the eye. We can’t stop people from wanting to kill people, but we can implement common sense gun laws that make it more difficult for the mentally ill and straight evil people to obtain weapons that only have one purpose… to kill. We can increase penalties for the people who do not secure their weapons correctly and safely. We can balance the second amendment with actions that make it illegal for every day citizens to collecting arsenals of weapons for the sake of protecting themselves against a government (who has the technology to take you out from the comfort of a control room). Yes, you would be right if you read that in a sarcastic tone.

Instead, conservatives send us the gun nuts who refuse to accept any argument that “infringes” on their second amendment. Oliver North stands behind his podium and declares Ritilin the evil culprit. Some scream about arming teachers because adding more guns is always the best alternative. There goes that sarcasm again. And when the children demand to be heard and protected, many will call them entitled or brats. Despite all that, I hear the whispers in the wind. One whisper is barely noticeable, but millions of whispers make a roar.

Nothing will change as long as we allow the status quo to continue to dominate. Be the voice of change.

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