Adults Who Bully Children

I don’t understand the mindset of people who think it’s okay to attack children (physically or verbally). I am not so naive as to believe that only one group of people does it, but I have been amazed at the number of people who think it’s okay to denigrate the March For Our Lives children. I watched a video of a boy who says he’s received death threats and an article about Infowars comparing Parkland students to Hitler. There are times where children of neo-nazis have made comments that I find nauseating, but it would never cross my mind to call them names or threaten their lives. It just makes me sad.

I am not a psychiatrist who can tell you what childhood trauma shaped their life decisions, but I do have to wonder why they feel so strongly about something that they are willing to abandon what I consider basic human decency. I’m not sure I want to know what led them there, but I know that all along their path they made choices and they continue to make choices. You can stand up for your beliefs and I respect that, whether I agree or not, but I do not respect anyone who chooses to be a bully and especially adults who choose to bully children.

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