To Stormy or not to Stormy

So, I thought long and hard about whether I should watch the Stormy Interview or choose to relax with a good book. I chose the book.

In college, I graduated with a double major in History and Political Science. I won’t tell you that I can’t see the historical or the political ramifications of this story; however, I can’t make myself care enough to put myself through the extra torture.

  1. I knew on the night we elected 45 that there would be bad things in our future and nothing he has done since has made me change my mind.
  2. This reeks of a bad soap opera and it’s painful to remember it’s all too real.
  3. Nothing she says will change my mind and it might scar me for life. (Small amounts of humor are sometimes necessary to survive in the current landscape.)

I realize that it will be watched and analyzed. As much as I try, I am unable to avoid news coverage for very long so by the end of the week I will have seen it (albeit not start to finish) several times. I will hear the horrified commentators, the chronic 45 supporters and the jokes (because we all know that the jokes will be rampant). The mosaic of emotions will blast through our visual and print media, but the real reason I could not watch Stormy have her say is that my overriding emotion is embarrassment.

I am embarrassed for my country. I know that conservatives will throw up Clinton as a shining example of liberal hypocrisy, but I wasn’t very happy with Clinton’s inappropriate behavior either. The big difference between the two for me is that this is not the first embarrassing moment (hello illiterate tweets from Hell, just to name one) that we have had to muddle through. It does, however, do a lot to distract us from the truly terrible things that 45 is doing to our political system, our environment, our children, our reputation…

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