RIP Senator McCain

His death has been politicized and that is fine. McCain was a politician. He chose that path and I’m fairly certain that he died knowing it would happen. I rarely agreed with the man and I won’t wax poetic because he has died. However, no matter how much I disagreed with him, I never wished him dead.

I have been equally amazed by both sides as I watch the media circus. Seriously, our so-called leader can barely utter a nice word? Yet, on the other side, life long opponents are suddenly glorifying his every action. So, who is being the most honest?

Very rarely can I say that I agreed with the man and I feel strongly that he too often said the right things, but then ended up following the party line anyway. Party over country. His actions and decisions helped lead us to this administration and, though he spoke out against it, he rarely took action. So, I’ll be honest and say that his death has not changed my political feelings towards him. However, despite the divide, I can recognize that he was special to his family and friends. I can recognize that he was a war hero. I can recognize that he made the choices that he felt were right. So, don’t crucify me for not praising his every political move, because (not once) did I wish him gone.

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