All or None

I am really tired of people telling me that I have to be on one side or the other. Specifically, I am tired of the conservative “all guns are great” people who tell me that if I support common sense gun laws then I am anti-gun or anti-American. Their battle cry is “We must protect the second amendment!”

Well, if I’m anti-American for thinking that there is no place for semi-automatic and automatic weapons in the civilian world, why aren’t they anti-American for ignoring the first amendment? After all, it was created by the same founding fathers that they have made into mini-gods in order to justify the need to own complicated machinery that’s only purpose is for killing. Adults (though I use the term loosely) stand on their pedestal and denigrate children who are expressing their first amendment right to free speech and on the same breath call those same children ungrateful because they choose to exercise their right to assemble peaceably to petition their Government for a redress of grievances.

We, the adults, have failed these children and they are letting us know that they won’t tolerate it anymore. It’s time to listen. If I have to a choose a side, then I choose the children. To the young people who spearheaded the March For Our Lives movement, I salute you.

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